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It’s the Weekend!
Finally, it’s the first weekend of your freshman year at Rutgers University and you know what that means...PARTY TIME!
Each of you has a private invite to a party around the College Ave campus so get out there and have some fun!
The first one to get the party and back to the dorms in time to update their Facebook status will be deemed the "coolest freshman".
Be careful when you’re picking your path! Also, walk fast because you’re in a dangerous neighborhood with various obstacles, including tons of thugs who love giving freshmen like you a hard time.

•    1 Game Board
•    8 Game Pieces (2 extra)
•    2 Dice
•    Game Cards

Everyone starts at the dorm (red bulls eye). Roll two dice and add up your totals. The player who rolls the highest number finished pregaming first. The rest of the players go in order of highest to lowest roll. Ties will be settled by re-rolling.
Pick a party card to determine which party you will be stopping by. The parties are shown with red Solo cup markers.
Out and About
To start, roll two dice. Take the sum of the dice, and move that amount of spaces in any direction you choose. The rest of your turn is determined by the dot you land on.

•    If you land on a black spot, you’re safe and your turn is over.

•    If you land on a red spot you’ve run into some trouble! Pick up one Crime Alert! Card and perform the given action.
•    If you land on a blue spot, you’ve just run into the cops. Draw a Cop Card and perform the given action.
•    If you land on a green spot, you’re in luck! You’ve run into a friend so pick up a Friend Card. Once again, perform the given action.
•    If you land on a Purple Arrow, you have to follow the arrow and go down and back up the dead end. You were too drunk to know which way to go and took a wrong turn.

Everything looks delicious at night – especially when you have the late night munchies – so if you ever end up right in front of a restaurant/deli, marked by a circled, black dot, you lose a turn in order to stop for food. If you land at the Grease Truck you miss 2 turns (see picture to the left).